The name MOTHERPOWERED comes from the idea that we draw our compassion and dedication to our doula craft from our own experiences as mothers. The monumental experience of growing a human, birthing a human, and then sustaining that human from our own bodies is unique to women, unique to mothers.


Fundamentally, the nature of a doula’s support is emotional in nature, but it is also physical, educational and spiritual. We work to get to know each client as well as we can so that we can tune-in to each mother’s needs. However, our goal as doulas is as much about learning the mother’s needs as it is helping the mother express her needs herself.

We find that, regardless of the twists and turns a birth experience may take, the greatest sense of empowerment is gained by women whose voices are heard and who make their own informed decisions.

The transformation into motherhood is beautiful. It is mystical. It is hard. It is worth it. The experience will transform you. Not only is a child born but women are reborn. As women, mothers and doulas we strive to educate, empower and support you wholly and unconditionally throughout your journey.