"Hands down Mother Powered doulas was the best experience I could have hoped for.  If you are in the greater capital region (Albany, Troy, Latham, etc.) and are looking for a doula with experience, reliability and kindness, look no further than Mother Powered.  One of the many things that swayed me to chose them was that Christy and Rose work as a team, so no matter what your schedule is, or how long your labor ends up being, they are able to provide round-the-clock-care.  My situation was unique (although every woman's is); in that I was new to the area, had no friends or family here, and knew that my partner was only able to provide intermittent support due to a serious illness.  I knew that I didn't want to be in a hospital room alone and that I would need someone who personally cared for me, helping me through the process.  Although the staff of nurses and OBGYN at my chosen hospital were fully competent, they were not able to provide a personal touch and advocate for one's desires/specific birth plan, the way a doula can.  Christy guided me through the labor in a fully supported yet unobtrusive way.  I knew she was there at all times and trusted she had my back if anything went wrong.  Rose was there for my birth, and was fully supportive of my decision to have a cesarean after the doctor recommended it due to some complications.  Although Mother Powered doulas and myself are supporters of natural birth, they ultimately support each woman's individual choice, even if that changes during labor - as mine did.  I trusted that they had my and my child's safety as their first priority.  After the birth, they helped me to navigate the sometimes confusing and conflicting advice I was getting from the hospital regarding lactation, bilirubin levels, etc. Again, this is where having a knowledgable advocate is very helpful, and they have experience at all major hospitals with many of the regions best OBGYNs.  I would use their services again, and will consider them lifelong friends who were there to help me greet my beautiful son when he entered this world.  My favorite picture I will ever own is the one Rose took right after she handed my son to me, just after he was born, and he looked right at me with his big blue eyes and I could feel his breath on my face.  This moment and photo would have never happened if Rose had not been there, and I am eternally grateful that my son and I are now so deeply bonded because our doulas made sure we could connect from the very start."

- Oona Maya


"For our 3rd child my husband wanted a Doula. After meeting with a couple of doulas we decide to hire Christy and Rose. It was a long and challenging experience but I am so glad Christy was there for the whole process. She was amazing. I can't imagine it doing without her support and encouragement. She was calming, and very encouraging. Thank you both so much for everything. I would highly recommend Mother Powered to anyone looking for support for the birth of their child."

- Love Nidhi 

"Throughout my pregnancy I was the focus and everyone took care of me. After the baby came I felt like I needed that care more than before but most people were pre-occupied with the baby.  When Christy walked in the door she spoke softly and asked me if she could make me a cup of tea. That really set the tone for how caring she was. She helped me with household chores and wore the baby in the ergo and took him for walks to give me a break. But her ability to truly listen to me and support me through a difficult postpartum time was the most valuable service of all. Looking back I can definitely say the best thing I had was a postpartum doula."
- Meredith H                                                                                                                                                         MORE KIND WORDS